Baby Jack

Recently, I’ve was helping my cousin while she gets better from surgery.  Her 8 month-old, Jack, is one of the easiest people to be around.  He oozes cuteness.  And it’s been a busy job, helping her and her family do what they normally do, but I have found opportunities for taking photos of him between diaper changes and bottles.  Here are a few.

Visits with Tyler and Finn

It’s family photo sharing time.  Here are some recent visits with Tyler and Finn that I made last month between weddings.

I went to see Tyler in San Francisco.  He is nearly two and fully interacting with his world, including repeating new words.  The last time I saw him he was still a baby.  It was now a challenge to get him to sit still or to work with him in the photos.  He’s drawn to every new and moving thing.  He was fascinated by the camera.  I helped him take a few pictures of his dad by showing him the shutter button.  He loved it.

Finn was born in September, and glad I was able to come take these before too long.  It was about time for some pics.  Mom and dad work in the creative industry, and so this was a highly motivated shoot that was super fun.  Finn was a great sport about it all, being mostly calm about it, but still made some awesome cry-face photos with dad that made my stomach hurt from laughing.

Jenny and Danny

Monte Rio, CA – The venue was small, with mostly close friends and family.  They made all their own decorations, and Jenny made all the succulent arrangements herself.  It almost rained, but didn’t.  And, again, I feel lucky to have worked with two such easy-going people on their wedding day.  She and Danny aren’t big on dramatic wedding photos, or anything intrusive.  They just wanted nice candid coverage documenting the event, and some shots of them and their families together.  Congratulations and thanks to Jenny and Danny!