Visits with Tyler and Finn

It’s family photo sharing time.  Here are some recent visits with Tyler and Finn that I made last month between weddings.

I went to see Tyler in San Francisco.  He is nearly two and fully interacting with his world, including repeating new words.  The last time I saw him he was still a baby.  It was now a challenge to get him to sit still or to work with him in the photos.  He’s drawn to every new and moving thing.  He was fascinated by the camera.  I helped him take a few pictures of his dad by showing him the shutter button.  He loved it.

Finn was born in September, and glad I was able to come take these before too long.  It was about time for some pics.  Mom and dad work in the creative industry, and so this was a highly motivated shoot that was super fun.  Finn was a great sport about it all, being mostly calm about it, but still made some awesome cry-face photos with dad that made my stomach hurt from laughing.


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